Rebar and Accessories.

Concrete Construction Supply of Idaho has been detailing and fabricating large commercial rebar jobs since 2005. With an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, we have quickly become the preferred rebar steel supplier in Idaho, Western Wyoming and Nevada.
Improved Rebar Output Capacity

Rebar Fabrication

We constantly strive to improve and streamline our rebar operation, and presently with a 100,000 pound reinforcing steel output capacity per day, we have made ourselves one of the largest rebar fabricating operations in the Northwest.
Rebar Fabrication Jobs - Big or Small
In the last five years alone we have completed waste water treatment plants exceeding 1,000,000 lbs each, multiple commercial properties exceeding 600,000 lbs each, schools and other public buildings exceeding 500,000 lbs each. Each of these were completed with accuracy, speed and zero OSHA violations. Output and productivity have been key to our success in the reinforcing business, but where CCS excels is in our customer service. Problems or disputes? We get it resolved immediately.