6 Essential Qualities to Look for in a Concrete Supplier

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With an estimated global market of about $617.2 billion in 2020, concrete is a vital building material for residential and commercial spaces. Not only is it reliable and long-lasting, but it also provides a firm foundation for any structure. 

The first step to finding high-quality concrete building materials is to choose a reputable concrete supplier. A trustworthy, established distributor will offer competitively priced products and services that at least match, if not exceed, your expectations. Simply put, they can play a vital role in the overall success of your construction. 

Here’s the catch. Since every project is different, it’s not always easy to come across the right contractor for the job. But there’s good news.

What to Look for in a Concrete Construction Supplier

Fortunately, most sought-after concrete contractors share a few defining qualities that help them stand out. In this post, we’ll walk you through six of them in detail.  

Interested to learn more? Let’s dive in!

1. A Wide Inventory of Materials  

Dealing with multiple concrete suppliers can be a nightmare. Ideally, you want a single, one-stop shop with everything under the same roof.  

When you order all your supplies in one shipment or from one company (or pick up the whole lot in a single trip), you save time and money. It’s as simple as that! 

Find a concrete supply company that stocks a broad range of products and materials, ranging from stamped concrete, rebar accessories, and decorative concrete supplies, among other things. Be sure to check the quality of the materials as well. A competent concrete supplier will value their integrity and never compromise with their products’ standards.

2. Years of Proven Experience 

You can choose a new concrete supply company for your project, but it’s hard to go wrong with a well-established distributor.  The longer the supplier has been in business, the likelier they are to understand the ins and outs of the industry.  

In a nutshell, a concrete supply company that’s been around for a few years will certainly know how to work around time delays, backlogs, and other associated problems. They can also harness their collective expertise to put your project on the right path. 

Take Concrete Construction Supply as an example. An employee-owned-and-operated concrete product supplier in Idaho, we’re nearly four decades old and have a firm footing in our niche. Our clients know us as a trusted source for all things concrete: whether it’s reliable building supplies, rebar, or sound advice.

Unsure about how to gauge a contractor’s experience? Here are a few questions you can ask potential candidates during the negotiation phase. 

  • Do they have the right certifications? 
  • Where do they source their products? 
  • How many projects have they worked on before? 
  • Can they produce a portfolio of their previous work? 

3. Transparent Pricing Structure

Any concrete accessories supplier worth it’s salt should be able to offer a clear picture of its pricing structure right out of the gate. You can collect and compare quotes from different contractors to determine which one suits your budget best. 

As tempted as you might be to go for the lowest bidder, we’re here to tell you it’s not a great idea. A concrete contractor boasting suspiciously low prices might cut corners with their materials/services. On the other hand, extremely high price tags can dent your capital. You want to select a concrete contractor whose prices align with their goods, no questions asked. 

A word of caution here. Avoid concrete contractors who shy away from having expense-related discussions upfront. An honest supplier will have no trouble telling you exactly how much their goods/services cost, so you can shop around. 

Also, look out for hidden charges that the contractor has not identified in the quote or contract. Otherwise, you may be in for some unsavory surprises down the line.

4. Locally Based

While there’s nothing wrong with picking a concrete construction supplier from out of town, you might be better off connecting with someone closer to home. Here’s why. 

  • Local distributors have a better understanding of regional codes and regulations.
  • They can tell you what concrete products will work for you based on the local weather conditions.
  • You can save a ton on shipping expenses. 
  • Late deliveries can slow down your entire project and rack up overhead costs. In this regard, most local concrete suppliers will offer same-day/next-day deliveries to keep you on schedule.
  • Local contractors often have a stronger bond with the community.

5. Positive Reviews

Customer testimonials are one of the best ways to judge a company’s market reputation and credibility. After all, there’s a reason why 77% of all consumers ‘always’ or ‘regularly’ read reviews when browsing for online businesses.

Reading other people’s experiences with the concrete contractor should give you a fair idea of what to expect while interacting with them. Positive customer reviews can tell you that a concrete supplier is worth your time and money.

It’s always wise to run a background check on potential contractors before deciding on them. For this, you can read testimonials on third-party review sites or seek feedback from friends/family who have previously worked with the company. Websites like Better Business Bureau usually list credible companies in different areas: remember to check with them. 

Steer clear of suppliers with multiple negative reviews online, as this could signal negligence on their part. Additionally, note how the company responds to both positive and negative reviews to get a feel of their general disposition. Are the answers friendly and polite or rude and abrasive?

6. A Commitment to Unparalleled Customer Service

Excellent customer service is at the heart of a successful business relationship. A first-rate concrete company will ensure you get what you need when you need it. Besides breaking down industry jargon, they’ll readily answer any questions about their products.  

That’s not all. Reputable concrete equipment supply companies will go the distance to treat you right. Furthermore, they’ll ensure you’re comfortable with each purchase before you walk out of their store.

The Bottom Line

Behind every successful construction project stands a reputable concrete supplier worth its weight in gold. Hopefully, this post has given you some insight into the six indispensable qualities of a great concrete contractor. Now that you know what to look for, you should have no trouble getting someone who checks all these boxes- and brings even more to the table! 

Or, you could skip the search and head over to Concrete Construction Supply! As one of Idaho’s leading concrete suppliers, we work hard to uphold our reputation. We’ll pair you with the right products for your construction needs without breaking the bank. For more information, contact us today!